Frequently Asked Questions

Built-in Audio/Video is not working properly

You need to allow your web browser to share your camera or/and microphone:

If you still experience issues after that, you can try the following:

- Close any gmail tabs you may have on your web browser.
- Try to connect to a new Class.

If none of the above helped, please contact us with the Class link.

Chrome does not prompt me to activate my mic/camera.

Check that your browser does detect your devices:

Open chrome settings and show "advance settings".

Then scroll to Privacy, click "Content settings" and check that a microphone and/or a camera are present.

How is tutoring time measured?

We only take into account the time where you and your students are both connected to a class at the same time.
As a tutor, it means that you can spend time alone preparing your classes for free. Your students can also connect back to the class as many times as they want, even when you are not connected.

What devices can I buy to achieve a smooth handwriting?

Most of tutors use either a graphic tablet or a pen mouse for smooth and fast handwriting. See on Amazon Wacom Bamboo tablet or Genius pen mouse.

How can I check that my system or my students can run TutorsBox?

There is a serie of tests you can run by visiting this url on a computer or a tablet:

I'd like to offer tutoring services on my own website. Can Tutorsbox provide such functionality?

Yes, our Tutorsbox for organizations service provides an API allowing a tight integration between your own website, your users and Tutorsbox. Our system blends seamlessly into most websites allowing you to provide tutoring or collaboration services right on your own site - your users are automaticaly logged in and Tutorsbox application is customised to your colors.

The board does not work on my web browser, I can not draw anything!

There is a known Chrome issue under Windows on some laptops where the screen is detected as a touch device.
Open a new tab with chrome://flags in place of the url:

Then disable touch events option:

Finally, restart your Chrome web browser.
If you are still experiencing issues please try with an other web browser such as Safari or a recent version of Firefox.