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desktop works on ipad

An online whiteboard application that lets you use your computer and tablet to give live tutoring classes to your students


Nothing to install

No flash, no download, Tutorsbox runs on any modern web browsers. It also works great on touch-based devices like tablet PCs and IPADs.

Science & Math friendly

Our great equation editor, powerful function grapher, and smooth pen tool will help you in collaborating over science content. Moreover our tool provides computational search results right inside Tutorsbox class.


You can have up to 10 connected students per class.

Persistent classes

The boards, files and messages are stored for ever. Once you or your students log back in, everything will be loaded as it was when you left.


Add as many boards as you need. With multiple students you could, for example, have the exercise ready on the first board and an extra board for each student to work on.

Import / Export

Save your work in your private space for later reuse. Your students and yourself can also export screenshots of the current class at anytime in one touch.

Plan your classes

Plan tutoring sessions in advance with your students, setup the topic and the course material and reminder will be sent to all parties at your scheduled date and time.

Track progress

At the end of a class you can store a note about each of your students' performance.

File sharing

Upload documents before or during classes so that all the material needed for the class is available.

Live Audio/Video

In addition to instant messaging, Crystal-clear live audio/video is available out of the box on PC and Mac. If you rather use Skype or google Hangout you can add your nickname to your profile and start a conversation with your students in a click from Tutorsbox.

Classes Screenshots

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  • Chemistry

  • Geometry

  • Square roots

  • Newton


Hundreds of tutors use TutorsBox for online tutoring around the world.

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Plans and Pricing

November 2015: Following TutorsBox acquisition, new tutors Signups will be discontinued from the first of January 2016.


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