TutorsBox History

TutorsBox is an online whiteboard designed specifically to give remote tutors the tools they need to help students succeed.

It was first launched as EdoBoard in 2008.

As the web evolved, the functionality and demand grew beyond what EdoBoard could offer. TutorsBox in its current format was launched in 2013.

The key differentiator behind TutorsBox is the focus on math and science education. It includes a highly capable equation editor, drawing tools and Wolfram:Alpha integration. Because TutorsBox includes such high-level math and science tools, most students are secondary or post-secondary level.

TutorsBox serves more than 300 hours of classes each month to more than 3,000 users. Tutors are located throughout the world.

Pricing options are available for solo tutors, multi-tutor businesses, and institutional tutoring programs.

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